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Taqueria Puebla is more than a Taqueria, it is tradition, it is family, it is friends. It is a kitchen made of memories, with a sense of making people happy by offering them hospitality, a sense of detail and inspiration, it is soul, and we want to share it with you through each dish.

Three sisters from Puebla, a small town near Mexico City have opened the newest Taqueria in Mukilteo! Blanca, Rosa & Soco are bringing recipes handed down from generations to the Mexican food lovers of Snohomish county.

Keeping the tradition alive of learning from in-Laws, Executive Chef Adrian Ramirez of Red Cork Bistro & Catering is Blanca & Rosa’s, Brother-in-Law.

Chef Adrian had the idea of opening a Mexican restaurant. He wanted the Menu to showcase the flavors of Puebla. He proposed the idea to Rosa, Blanca & Soco. They loved it! Adrian taught them the business side of running a restaurant and they all shared their family recipes to create a delicious menu true to their hometown of Puebla.

We bring you real house-made Mexican recipes. From the Al Pastor, a recipe passed down from our grandfather, the authentic Mole Poblano & the Chile Rellenos, a recipe from their mother. You will feel the love put into their food from here to Puebla!

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